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Insulation of piping, tanks.

Recently, more than ever is a problem of energy efficiency and energy resources. One solution to this problem is the use of cylinders and mats made ​​of rock wool insulation of heating and water supply.

The cylinders are made of rock wool, which makes them effective and at the same time non-flammable insulating material.

Cylinders are available in a range of sizes, are easy to install and have a high chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

Temperatures from -180 ° C to +650 ° C.

To create a vapor barrier and protective layer can be manufactured with a coating of reinforced aluminum foil.

Products ROCKWOOL used for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection systems, designed for all types of construction of buildings and structures, as well as shipbuilding, industrial machinery, pipes and ducts.

Technical insulation made of foam rubber. Italian production company L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX specializes in the production of elastomeric materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

- A thermal insulation rolls and slabs of mineral wool on the basis of fiber glass and stone wool of the highest quality. Insulation ISOVER (insulating mats and insulating panels) are produced using a patented fiberizing TEL made of natural materials: sand, soda, limestone.

- The name of the group of thermal insulation materials, subdivided into types for different applications. Armaflex is based on foamed synthetic rubber with closed cell structure. It is flexible and durable material. High-quality closed cell structure gives it high insulating properties. Technical characteristics of the material provide excellent insulating performance and control condensation. Armaflex insulation materials are certified and meet the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological surveillance, fire safety and compliance. Insulation Armaflex - readily flammable, self-extinguishing material.

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