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Rolled metal products and steel structures

We supply the following products of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, doped alloy and other materials as per request.

Rolled steel:

  •  Rolled wire
  •  beam
  •  channel beam
  • angle
  • Square
  • hot-rolled flat bar

Rolled Sheets

  • Hot rolled sheet
  • Hot rolled steel sheet, cold rolled
  •  Cold rolled sheet
  •  Galvanized sheet
  • Painted profile sheet, galvanized
  •  Checkered sheet

Constructional steel (high quality steel)

  • round hot rolled constructional, ball-and-roller
  • round hot rolled nickel
  •  square hot rolled constructional
  •  flat bar hot rolled constructional
  • hexagonal hot rolled constructional

tool steel

  • round tool carbon and alloy
  • Square tool carbon and alloy
  • Flat bar tool carbon and alloy
  •  Ring tool high-speed cutting
  • Square tool high-speed cutting
  • Flat bar tool high-speed cutting





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