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Cabling and wiring products

"Engineering MetalService  and Company" LLC is the high quality cable product from the leading manufacturers of Russia and Europe.
Our specialization is complex supply of cable products to the biggest projects of energy and oil and gas industry.
Oil and gas: control cable, cable EEMUA, instrumentation and control cables, cable BS5308 , cable EN50288 , thermocouple cable, high temperature cable, cable for electrical welding, cable trays and cable UKOOA and other.
Offshore projects and marine execution: shipping wire, marine cable, cable on NEK 606, shipping cable, cables as per IEC 60092, BS6883 , IEC 60331, IEC 60332, festoon cable and other.
Construction: wires and mounting cable, power cable, two-core cable, earthing cable, main cable, cable BS5467, control cable, cable for cranes, cable SWA (single core with armored core).
Fire prevention and safety: fire resistant cable, halogenless cable, signal block cable, cable on BS6387, BS7629, cable for fire alarm, emergency lighting cables, cable with mineral insulation, cables CWZ (armored made of steel round wires) and other.
Utility area: cable 33kv, 22kv, 11kv, cooper cable, cable Drincable (cable used in facilities of portable water), trunk cable (bus cable), cables for pumps, three-phase cable and other.
Telecommunication and connection: digital cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable, fiber optic cable, cable cat 5, cat 6, cat 7, structural cable system (СКС), patch cord, cable BT, cable RS232, cable CW1308, cable ESI cable, microphone cable, LAN- cable, telemetering cable.
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